Toulouse is a pink city. France

In Toulouse, we met with Elena, our guide. I met Elena on the Internet. The first place we visited in Toulouse with Elena was the Cathedral of St. Saturninus. This temple of venerable centuries-old in the shape of a cross was built at the end of the 12th century.

For myself, I already distinguish the buildings of the 11-12th century by the characteristic arches with columns at the top inside the temples.

The relics of the saint are open only on certain days in November. In the southern part of this temple begins the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela – the path of St. James. Our guide Elena showed the treasured door where they give out a pilgrim’s book and you can go to Spain, having overnight on the way and eating in special places, as I understand it, for free. Just in case, I took a picture of the door, suddenly I’m going to go along this path.

The next place we went to was the main temple of the Dominican Order, the Jacobite Church of the 13-14th century. Its feature is in majestic dimensions, the original Gothic architecture.

Stone gargoyles looking down on those wishing to enter. Partly chimeras and gargoyles were removed. We met them at the Museum of the Jacobins. In the cathedral, we admired the famous palm ceiling, which is a landmark of the cathedral and Toulouse. In the center of the cathedral stands a sarcophagus with the relics of Thomas Aquinas. The guide Elena told us that before they brought the relics here from Italy, they were brewed in wine. Then the bones were sent to Toulouse, and everything else after cooking was left in Italy. This story struck me. Cook the corpse of the saint, soak in wine …

The next item on our program was the Capitol.

On the square in front of the Capitol, a Occitan cross with zodiac signs at the ends of the cross is laid out of bronze. The Occitan or Qatari cross deserves attention. It looks like a uniform cross with bifurcated endings and another line in the center in the center. It turns out an equilateral figure with 12 ends. This fits the 12 dimensional symbolic zodiac signs, 12 months, 12 apostles. We stood on the signs, forming vicious circles. While we were working with the zodiac signs in the square, all the people left. Maybe out of politeness, so as not to interfere, and in addition, we formed a closed space with the signs of the zodiac and they were not comfortable. By the way, in this square in 1632 the last duke of Montmorency was executed.

Toulouse Town Hall Capitol – City Hall. Since 1190, Capitol de Toulouse. The capitals ruled the city. 8 columns of the building mean 8 chapters. In this pink building, there is an opera house and concert hall, the city administration. On the upper floors is the Hall of Fame with masterpieces. I liked the paintings on the walls, bright, as if living beautiful ladies and their faithful knights, troubadours. The picture with the beautiful lady of Toulouse standing on the balcony impresses. In this place there is a spirit of Languedoc, there is something special.

Then we walked along the ancient streets of Toulouse. They listened to stories about how a man was sacrificed to be torn to a bull, and then made a saint. Everywhere there are images of a bull. I think these are late Christian inventions, and the bull is depicted for another reason.

We went to the embankment of the Garonne River. The views here were, as in the pictures – the fairground, behind it a bridge, on the opposite side of the river an old red castle and a huge spinning ferris wheel.

The next day we started by visiting the violet barge located on the Garon Canal. The canal laid from the Mediterranean Sea to Toulouse for a long time and is a landmark of the city. In the barge there is a shop in which everything is violet – tea, honey, chocolate, sweets, perfumes, dolls. Nice and friendly hostess.

A few minutes later we approached the Cathedral of Saint-Etienne in 1073. All the same palm ceilings. A rally was held on the other side of the temple in the square. There were people with posters. We met protesting people in France several times. Here, high social activity and personal responsibility for what is happening in the city.
Several hours of our time in Toulouse were swallowed up by shops. Barely escaped from the store’s womb and entered the Jacobin museum. A large museum, temple, colonnade around the perimeter of the garden with all kinds of plants from figs to lavender.
Then we sat for a long time on the opposite bank of the Garonne River on the green grass and talked about orders, Dominicans, Cathars and the peculiarities of the French nation.
September 9-10, 18

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