Castle Loket. Czech.

Not far from Karlovy Vary is the town of Loket with an old castle on top of a large rock above the river.

The castle dates from the 12th century.

The name Loket comes from the bend of a river in this place, resembling an elbow.In one of the dungeons of the castle, the future king Charles 4 and his mother were imprisoned for 3 months.

The town adjoins the castle,

looking like a multi-colored toy from houses.

There’s a lot of symbolism on the houses,

including related to Freemasonry.

There is a museum of Freemasonry. The future king considered Loket his home.

From the castle and now it blows warmth and protection from the home. It’s nice to walk along the streets of the town.

At present, the town of Loket has received a rebirth – old houses are being restored, on weekends many people come here for picnics by the river.

Czech August 24, 2019

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