Rennes-le-Chateau – secrets of the abbot Sauniere. France.

At a distance of 51 km from Montsegur is the second, no less legendary object – Rennes-le-Chateau. Legends, mysticism and secrets have always surrounded this small village. It would be unforgivable to be so close and not visit Rennes-le-Chateau. In the 8th century, on this site was the large city of Reda, the capital of the county of Razes. After the plague, the city went into oblivion. Since 1885, abbot Sauniere has come here. During the reconstruction of the church, in one of the columns he finds 4 parchment scrolls and inscriptions on stone slabs. He builds Villa Betania, the tower of Magdal, fills the place with strange figures and signs.

And we climb the stairs, we pass along the old village street, which rests on the courtyard with the church and the house of the abbot Beranger Sauniere.

Now it is a house-museum with a library, a prayer room, and living quarters.

Everywhere there are photos and models of the abbot and his housekeeper. In the courtyard behind the house is his grave.

We rise to the turret-greenhouse, from it leads a covered gallery to the famous Magdal tower.

Later, having run around all the surrounding attractions, I sat on a hill on the green grass near the Magdala tower. This place offers magnificent views of the mountains. A man and a woman approached the tower. The man looked at me as I was eating a sandwich and I felt that I was almost sinning by eating near the tower. Then he stood near the tower, either praying, or meditating, after which he took the stone below, like a relic with him. Then I also took a stone from there.

My scan of the tower gave a kind of energy plus the energy of the past and the inclusion in the secret power of money and power. Near the house of the abbot Beranger Sauniere is the church of Magdalene. When I was preparing for the trip, I saw a photo with the peculiarity of the church – the red devil on its horns holds the cup.

Apparently, the Holy Grail was meant. Now the devil has no head. Abnormal fanatical woman broke her head sculpture. On the floor there are only leaves with photographs of the head and eyes.

Above the bowl are female figures with wings. This is a picture of a channel. The Church of Mary Magdalene is associated with the religion of the blood of the Lord, blood kinship and the continuation of the line of Jesus. There is such a direction of Christianity, its spiritual and secret part, of course not accepted by the majority.

Down the street there is an old building in which a treasure was found, but it was closed to the entrance. On the day of our arrival, some famous person conducted esoteric meditations. The event was thoroughly prepared and everywhere in Rennes-le-Chateau I saw his posters.

From all sides, the village is surrounded by the ruins of ancient castles. This place was sacred to the Celts. Here in the distant past was the castle of the great master of Priory of Zion. The place is really magical, unusual, but difficult. When we got into our minibus, I sighed in relief. Already at home, looking at the photos from Rennes-le-Chateau, I was in a state of horror, I was sick of what I saw in the photo. I went out into the street and began to see the world differently; programs hanging on people showed up. Now these photos can be used to adjust the vision. There, on the spot, there was just a feeling of heaviness, mysticism, I wanted to leave quickly. Maybe I will return here again, but more prepared.

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