Monsegur – stronghold of Qatar. France.

The road to the castle goes between the mountains.

We ride a minibus past fields with sunflowers, past fields with plants similar to corn, only cut from above. Around is clean, crowded, calm. There is no dynamics of urban life. There are greenery, forests, clean air and occasionally villages.

When approaching Montsegur we ride between the mountains on which are the caps of clouds covering the peaks. We arrived at a parking lot under a mountain in continuous fog.

The air temperature dropped from 23 degrees to 15. The driver asked: “You definitely want to go up the mountain”?
We were determined to go. I would certainly climb up, even in the pouring rain.

A few years ago, I didn’t even dream of visiting here. This Qatari fortress delights with its history and energy, strength and grandeur.

I did it with Montsegur, as well as with Pompeii, Vesuvius and Lavinius. I read a lot about these places and unexpectedly for myself was able to visit these places. Now I ask myself: What else will attract me? In response, I get an avalanche of vivid images.
We go by ear.

In the distance, the bell of the cows rings. The asphalt road goes down, and the path turns left and up. A few minutes later we reach the ticket office with tickets (5 euros), by the way, these tickets are suitable for two more museums located in the village of Moncegur. After 30 minutes of climbing up slippery stones, we arrive at the foot of the castle.

The castle is located at an altitude of 1207 meters.

From the castle there were only walls.

The castle is a continuation of the rocks and inside resembles a ship.

The impression of a ship sailing in the sea or in the clouds intensifies the fog.

In this place the Cathars lived. At the beginning of the 13th century, the Cathars asked Remon de Perey for permission to repair the castle in order to defend themselves from the Roman church, which organized a crusade against the Cathars. The most spiritually advanced, chosen, were called Perfect – several hundred men and women from all Languedoc were saved in the castle. The Qatari world in the castle lasted about 30 years. Everyone who was in the castle was burned down in the valley. Now this valley is called the valley of magicians.
Another legend of the Grail is associated with Montsegur. There is a story that the Cathars owned the Grail and managed to hide the Bowl before the castle fell. The Germans later sought the Holy Grail in the castle during World War II.

I didn’t want to leave the top of the mountain. An obvious place of power with its special energy and history.

The images and spirits of the past come to life here. The energy is strong and giving, despite the tragic ending of the history with the Cathars, good and spiritual growth triumph here. The fog did not give us a review, but thanks to it we concentrated on the castle and its past and present energy.

We sat for a long time inside the castle-ship, and then went around along a narrow path and climbed into a room with a round tower and narrow slots instead of windows. I really liked Montsegur, and what I got while in this place.

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