Athens. Acropolis. Temple of Zeus. Temple of Hephaestus.

On the day of our arrival in Athens, there was heavy rain, thunder and lightning flashed. Five large lightning bolts and such thunder were noticed that cars shook with people. Lightning hit the Acropolis in a guard house. Four people were taken to the hospital. Acropolis closed. The work of the archaeological site of theContinue reading “Athens. Acropolis. Temple of Zeus. Temple of Hephaestus.”

Epidaurus Temple of Asclepius.

Epidaurus is located at a distance of 50 kilometers from Mycenae. In this city the healer and doctor Asclepius was born.We enter the city. The first impression, as if we arrived at a sanatorium – fresh air, coniferous trees, paths, parks. The city is surrounded by mountains. Instead of the planned 5 hours in Epidaurus,Continue reading “Epidaurus Temple of Asclepius.”

Delphi. Temple of Apollo. Temple of Athena.

The road from Athens to Delphi goes between the mountains. Clouds hang over the mountains and there are vertical white columns of steam. We overcome the distance of 240 kilometers on a rented mini Van in 3 hours. In the ancient world, every self-respecting person came to Delphi. In past times, works of art andContinue reading “Delphi. Temple of Apollo. Temple of Athena.”