Karlovy Vary. Czech.

I have long wanted to visit Karlovy Vary,

a city that gives people mineral water.

Hundreds of years in Karlovy Vary

noble and wealthy people came to the waters,

aristocratic families.

Now Karlovy Vary is available to everyone.

Here everything works for healing: water, air, mountains and a centuries-old healing program.

Water sources are numbered. It’s interesting to try water: in one source, the water is tasty and cool,

in another 65 degrees with a smack of minerals.

Karlovy Vary is surrounded by low mountains and a forest along which hiking paths are laid. A 20-day walk through the coniferous forest in the mountains can improve the respiratory system. As for the long-standing healing traditions, here they are at every turn. In the gallery under the rock on one side is an image of the goddess Ishtar on lionesses,

on the other hand, the goddess Artemis with children.

A little further inside the building there is a statue of the goddess Hygiene.

Another gallery with mineral water is decorated with 12 zodiac signs with 6 figures on each side.

Walking around the city, we come to the cafe “Elephant”, in which a film about Stirlitz was shot.

From far away you can see the great palace of Princess Sisi. On the opposite side of the gallery you can see the house of Peter I. In the place where Peter visited, a new house was built, which has already become history.

Through the entire city flows the Tepla River with bridges and embankments. Karlovy Vary belongs to the Sudetenland.

During the Second World War, Hitler evicted all residents. The Germans settled. After the war, the Germans were evicted. After settled all comers. It turned out that there are no indigenous people. But there are many palaces, beautiful hotels, parks, medical complexes. There is a beautiful theater. Church of Peter and Paul, built by the Russian royal family.

Busts of Karl Marx

and Goethe

remind us that these great people have been here. Each house in the center of Karlovy Vary is a part of the world history of mankind.

august 2019

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