Bald Mountain in Lysogorka – a place of strength of the Dnieper.

We sail on a yacht from Zaporozhye to the south, towards the Kakhovka reservoir. Already opposite the village of Kanevskoye, a view opens over a high sandy promontory protruding into the river. This is Bald Mountain on the right bank of the Dnieper. The mountain gave its name to the village of Lysogorka. The nextContinue reading “Bald Mountain in Lysogorka – a place of strength of the Dnieper.”

Karlovy Vary. Czech.

I have long wanted to visit Karlovy Vary, a city that gives people mineral water. Hundreds of years in Karlovy Vary noble and wealthy people came to the waters, aristocratic families. Now Karlovy Vary is available to everyone. Here everything works for healing: water, air, mountains and a centuries-old healing program. Water sources are numbered.Continue reading “Karlovy Vary. Czech.”

Alchemical Prague

Prague is full of surprises. For me, the discovery was the alchemical tower. The turret is next to the museum and is open, but not for tourists and for people practicing in the occult sciences. In Prague, magic is in agreement. Maybe it came from the time of Emperor Rudolph ll, who invited the astronomerContinue reading “Alchemical Prague”

Vysehrad in Prague.

Visegrad in Prague always gives me a double feeling – there is a story, there is energy, there are secrets and at the same time, there is something unpleasant, absorbing, affecting a person.We pass through the arch. and we get to the medieval pavement. A cobblestone road leads past the rotunda of St. Martin withContinue reading “Vysehrad in Prague.”

Strahov lion. Prague.

We are looking for the basics of the Leo sign in Prague in the Strahov Monastery on the top of Petrin Hill. The monastic order of the Premonstrats settled in the monastery. The Order was founded in 1120 by St. Norbert, as an independent part of the Catholic Church. The monks wear white clothes andContinue reading “Strahov lion. Prague.”

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