Alchemical Prague

Prague is full of surprises. For me, the discovery was the alchemical tower.

The turret is next to the museum and is open,

but not for tourists

and for people practicing in the occult sciences.

In Prague, magic is in agreement.

Maybe it came from the time of Emperor Rudolph ll, who invited the astronomer and astrologer John Dee. He worked with angels and mirrors. John Dee studied the world with Edward Kelly. Kelly got rich in Prague, bought a village, married a noblewoman. Three years later, John Dee left for England, and Kelly stayed to live in Prague. Kelly was jailed due to debt. In prison, he did not want to sit, he ran, broke his leg and died. They were both outstanding personalities. Edward Kelly was engaged in alchemy and according to contemporary reviews, he managed to get gold. At the place where Kelly lived and worked, they made a museum and a cafe.

It turned out an atmospheric place.

Another place in Prague related to alchemy is the house of Faust.

Faust House is one of the most mystical places in Prague.

It seems to be a house, like a house. Previously, an alchemist lived in him, who served as a prototype of Goethe’s Faust.
Faust House is located on a strong spot on which Charles 4 built temples and monasteries.

In the 14th century, the Olavsky house stood in this place, in which Prince Wenceslas was fond of alchemy.

In the 16th century, the famous English alchemist Edward Kelly worked in the house. In the 18th century, Ferdinand Antonin Mladota settled in the house of Faust with alchemical experiments. Now there is a blood transfusion hospital.

     I went into the arch of the house, stood for a while,

I tuned in and I felt bad.

So bad that I realized that I was about to faint. I recalled my half-fainting state, similar to this when I was in the tombs in the city of the dead in Luxor. Maybe it came from the strong smell of medicines standing here, or maybe the energy of the place, the smell, all together create a difficult atmosphere in the house. I quickly left the house.
    Then we went down Charles Square down to the Emmaussa Monastery, then returned across the square past the Faust House to a stop, went to a cafe to drink coffee, and everywhere on Charles Square, in the visibility area of ​​the Faust House, I periodically smelled like smoke something else from this house. An unforgettable experience.

August 2019

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