Vysehrad in Prague.

Visegrad in Prague always gives me a double feeling – there is a story, there is energy, there are secrets and at the same time, there is something unpleasant, absorbing, affecting a person.
We pass through the arch.

and we get to the medieval pavement.

A cobblestone road leads past the rotunda of St. Martin with the Templar crosses,

then past the chapel of Ave Maria.

The chapel was very tiny inside.

We turn right and go past the stone bas-relief with which the legend of Bishop Prokop, who defeated demons, is associated. Demons plowed a field for him.

Then I remembered Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol and his “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”. We greet with a big and smart raven living in a big cage with the entrance to a big house.

We walk through the park past the three pillars with which such a legend is associated.

Once a priest and a demon argued. The latter lost the argument. The demon dragged the pillar down and broke it into three parts. Before us is a view of the 19th-century Gothic cathedral of Peter and Paul.

In front of the cathedral is a cemetery of the most famous people of the Czech Republic. How many times I pass by, so many and feel very unpleasant sensations in this place. Legends about the spear of Longin are associated with the cathedral.

The sarcophagus, in which the relics of St. Longinus used to be, is located inside the cathedral. On the observation deck, on a high river bank, Princess Libushe made her predictions. On the territory of Vysehrad, long before Libushe there were sanctuaries of the Slavs and possibly the Celts.

Vysehrad is fully consistent with Scorpio in mystical qualities,

an abundance of secrets, the energy of life and death, holiness and power.
august 2019

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