Starting point. Prague. Czech

In any case, whether it is the birth of a person or an idea, there is a starting point. In Prague, it’s Orloj’s clock on Old Town Square.

On the watch, in addition to time, there is the position of the Sun and the Moon among the zodiac constellations, phases of the moon, sunrise and sunset. At the center of the watch is a dial showing Old Czech, Babylonian, modern and stellar time. Below is the dial with the day and month of the year.

     I look at the clock and don’t understand how in the distant 14th century they could create such a clock mechanism? It turns out that this watch is the oldest working watch in the world.

The watch contains the exact cycle of the moon’s revolution around the earth, the annual cycle of rotation of the earth around the sun and the daily cycle of rotation of the earth.

I, as an astrologer, work with these cycles and I know that there are errors due to the fact that the orbits are not round, due to the liberation of the planet and other factors. Maybe periodically adjust the clock manually?
    It’s not easy to stand under the clock, and not only because many people want to get to this place. Here the axis of time is activated, here the personal and social past gain density. Here the value of every minute of life is enhanced. From here a vector is built from the past through the present to the future. Next to the clock, the concept of karma takes on real forms, which are clearly reminded by the figures on the clock. The skeleton pulls the rope and 12 apostles come out, after which the cockerel begins to sing. Is not this what happens in human life. “Memento mori” – remember death, as the ancients said. Death is the best incentive to awakening, to the joy of life, the urge to action. Rooster cry – symbolizes the beginning of a new day. Since ancient times, the cock has been a symbol of courage, and with its first cry, evil spirits disappear. The cockerel is calling for the beginning of a new stage in life. Before the cry of a rooster, figures of 12 apostles leave. All the same system of 12 months, 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 qualities coming from space to planet earth.
  In the center of the Prague Chimes there is a stone angel – a fighter with dark forces.
    There are 4 figures on the sides of the astronomical dial. One of them is a vanity figure with a mirror, similar to a modern selfie. Another wallet figurine symbolizes greed. The figure of the Turk symbolizes, apparently, an external enemy.
  There are 4 figures on the sides of the lower calendar dial – a philosopher, Archangel Michael, an astronomer and a chronicler.
  The basilisks on the sides, the cock and the angel perform a protective function against supernatural forces.

When I stand under the watch, I remember that under my feet is an underground city. Now there is a museum with partially open premises. In the Middle Ages, these cellars were used as a prison. And even earlier, there was a city with houses. For millennia, everything has gone deep underground. The clock tower itself resembles a large music box with toys from which something wonderful is about to jump out.

And with the last stroke of the clock, a new cycle in life will begin.
Prague. august 19

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