Bald Mountain in Lysogorka – a place of strength of the Dnieper.

We sail on a yacht from Zaporozhye to the south, towards the Kakhovka reservoir. Already opposite the village of Kanevskoye, a view opens over a high sandy promontory protruding into the river. This is Bald Mountain on the right bank of the Dnieper. The mountain gave its name to the village of Lysogorka.

The next village of Belenkoye also has a connection with Lysa Gora, because in ancient times it was called Belaya.
Unusual places associated with mysticism, with anomalies, with witches, with everything that people could not explain were called bald mountains. The protruding sandy cape from the Dnieper is a place of concentration of energy in its geographical location.

According to eyewitnesses, the mountain used to be much higher. Its top was torn off 30 years! They took sand for construction. In ancient times, there was a source of water on the mountain and a well from which any traveler could drink clean water. Well and source destroyed. One can only imagine how the high yellow mountain looked like a cape in the Dnieper River!

We go to the bright yellow shore at the foot of the mountain.

On steep sandy paths we rise to the top of the mountain. At the top there is a water tower, apparently not used for its intended purpose. A sandy peak with rare bushes of grass and a tower darkened by time create a unique landscape resembling a tower of retribution in the desert.

I tune in to the mountain, as to a place of power and the world around is changing. It seemed to me that I was standing at the top of a pyramid in an area somewhat reminiscent of the Giza plateau. The island in front looked like a sphinx, the mountain – a pyramid.

The tower gives a shift to the past, time dilation, viscosity. Bushes of grass grow on the tower, like hair on their heads. The door of the tower was invitingly open. I saw only one place on Bald Mountain, where witches can gather – the very top of the tower.

Here, in a magic circle, they dance on dark nights, arriving on Bald Mountain, magical guests sparkling with shadows.

There is a descent from the mountain through the village on a good road.
Bald Mountain in Lysogorka is one of the three famous Bald Mountains in the area. It can be seen from afar. A breathtaking view of the Dnieper River opens from the top of the mountain.

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