Strahov lion. Prague.

We are looking for the basics of the Leo sign in Prague in the Strahov Monastery on the top of Petrin Hill. The monastic order of the Premonstrats settled in the monastery.

The Order was founded in 1120 by St. Norbert, as an independent part of the Catholic Church. The monks wear white clothes and are engaged in the storage and study of books. Strahov Monastery occupies a large territory and includes an area surrounded by the buildings of the monastery, a bell tower.

On the inner square in the monastery stands a majestic stone lion.

A stone lion indicates a place of power. The lion is a royal symbol that is often found on the arms and buildings of the royal families. And Leo serves us as an indication that we have come to a place associated with the lion sign of the zodiac.

On the other hand, the basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary adjoins the monastery.

Near the basilica is the entrance to the theological hall, the room of curiosities and the philosophical hall. The library needs a special entrance. From the museum you can see high walls with bookcases to the ceiling. From a huge number of books breathes knowledge.

Strahov Monastery offers views of the whole of Prague.

Petrin hill is known since ancient times. In pagan times there was a sanctuary of Perun. Charles 4 erected on the hill, on its circumference, the Hungry Wall. Its remains can be found walking along the paths of the hill. Now Petrshinsky hill is a three hundred meter green mountain on which there are 8 parks with ponds and rose gardens, different types of plants, and museums at the foot of the hill.

august 2019

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