Legends and realities of Kodatsky island

Many legends have been written about a small island opposite the city of Dnipro.

Approximately, from these places the Dnieper rapids began, which reached the island of Khortytsya. Before the flooding of the rapids, rocky parts protruded between the island of Kodachok and the river bank and the water here rang, the air was saturated with ozone and a rainbow often shone. According to one of the legends, because of the rainbow, the island was associated with the sun god Ra. Another legend connects the island of Kodachok with the chieftain Sirko and the kharaternik Cossacks. On the island, the Cossacks received strength and communication with the land, trained their skills, and the chieftain Sirko buried a gold treasure. Apparently, having completely believed in this legend, lovers of treasures dig in multi-ton granite stones and lift them in search of gold. We saw two such large tunnels.

We decided to check another legend of the island about the Scythian kings and queens who were engaged in conceiving children on a stone bed. Naturally, check at the energy level. The stone bed was quickly found.

But, fans of legends split off and dragged away a large piece from him. Barbaric love for nature and history. I lay down on the royal bed, which, despite the fact that it was made of stone, turned out to be comfortable and warm. It seemed to me that the ray of the sun curled up into a narrow bright bundle, similar to a tornado, and entered my abdomen. It got hot. I imagined how the souls of the heroes came to incarnation in this sunbeam to become invincible and strong kings.

We were unable to see one of the most famous stones. This multi-ton block was taken away from the island a year or two ago. Stolen with impunity in this world. We managed to sit on the stone of the chieftain Sirk.

We visited the caponiers with the remains of buildings for storing explosives.

Buildings from different times. One is built of brick, the other is made of stone.

In the 19th century, warehouses for storing gunpowder were built on the island.

There were mass shootings on the island. The grove where they took place and other interesting places were shown to us by the captain of the yacht.

The famous historian D. Yavornitsky described two sites of the Bronze and Stone Ages on the island. Here, shards of crockery and silicon blanks for tools were found. From the first minutes on Kodachka one can feel history, Cossacks and soldiers, Scythians and Slavs.

In the northern part of the island you can sit on the rocks.

One rock is called a bed and looks like it.

There are swampy and steppe zones in the southern part of the island.

Feather grass and rare herbs grow.

The island is kind. There are no ticks on it.

Having read the legends about the snakes guarding the treasures, about the snake totem present on the island, I rode it with caution. But it turned out that poisonous snakes are not found here. On a small granite island, many different eras converge, creating an amazing, unique world.

May 2021

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