Khortytsya is an island of strength and health.

As a child, I spent the whole summer in Khortitsa. I did not understand then and did not attach importance to this. I felt good and happy. Our whole big family was together – parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles. There was a swing and ice cream on the way to the island. We swam to the island by boat and relaxed on the beach. Sometimes, my father would take my hand and say: “Let’s go to a magical place.” We went to look at the white water lilies in the floodplain. The Khortitsa Plavni has its own unusual atmosphere, indeed, reminiscent of a fairy-tale little world with mermaids and goblin. It was our secret and the best thing that I remember from my childhood island.

I came to the conclusion that I want to make a map of the places of power of the island of Khortytsya. Khortytsya everyone who visits it has their own. Regarding the places of power on Khortytsya, I reserve the right to talk about not all places. I see a tendency in tourism to come quickly, see, take, lick off the top visible layer. The planet is alive and the places of power are the exit points of the planet’s consciousness. There is energy in such places. An exchange of energies is desirable. Don’t just take power, but send gratitude and love in return. To do this, you need to tune in and enter a special state in which the place of power comes to life. In this case, plants and animals can be used to talk to stones, receive signs and hints, and interact at different levels.

I walk along the soft sandy path through the forest and my nervous tension releases. I relax and trust the island. There is no strong gravity on Khortytsya; there is a high, at the level of the heart, the feeling of life and death as its opposite. I catch a green wave across the island. This is not just greenery and vitality, but a wave in which there is a lot of information on the history of something else beyond reality. The most important thing in the green wave coming from the island is love.

I begin my exploration of places of power from the northeastern part of the island, the most studied and most convenient. At the entrance to Khortitsa from the left bank of the Dnieper and turning right, after the crossroads, a Cossack with a musical instrument meets me.

Turning in front of him onto a path that runs along the forest plantation, I pass a post with the inscription – YARILO.

I go further and come to my favorite places on Khortytsya – stone circles or cromlechs, sanctuaries of the Bronze Age.

2 circles nearby and after a few meters another circle.

The circles are wonderful, according to my feelings. I have been to them at different times of the year. This place is always strong.

I go further. I walk past the Zvezdnoye Kolo circle and approach the entrance to the Zaporozka Sich museum, recreated as the Zaporozhye Sich.

I go around the museum on the left and see a few more Eneolithic cromlechs.

There are several interesting mounds nearby.

Then I get to the site of the Museum of the History of the Zaporozhye Cossacks. The museum is now closed for reconstruction. I could not find anywhere the timing of the completion of the repair. And the museum was very good. There are many worthy unique exhibits. Well-designed exhibitions. In the courtyard of the museum there is a large black stone and several small ones. The stones are ancient, wrinkled.

A mast with a flag is erected on a high mountain next to the museum.

If you go down to the Dnieper, you can see a stylized monument to Taras Shevchenko and then follow the Tarasovaya stitch to the left to the northern end of the island to the Serpent’s cave.

august 2020

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