Delos Island Greece

Visiting the islands is my favorite pastime. Each island, as a separate world with its own qualities and parameters. Delos Island stands out even from the islands for its uniqueness. For thousands of years he was considered the sacred island of the birth of Apollo and Artemis. The goddess Leto could not give birth to children on the firmament because of the curse of Hera. There was a floating island in the sea. Thanks to him, Apollo, the god of the sun, and Artemis, the goddess of the moon, came to our world. Based on the legend, one can assume the unique qualities of the island of Delos. In order to find out what kind of secrets Delos keeps and feel myself, to understand it as a place of power, I went to the island.

According to legend, when Apollo was born, streams of sunlight flooded the island. It’s almost always sunny here. In the old port of Mykonos, I take boat tickets to Delos. Worth a trip of 20 euros round trip. Entrance to the island and the museum are paid separately -12 euros.

At 15 o’clock, all the visitors, to one, whistled some, were put on a ship and sent to Mykonos. On this island, you can’t stay overnight for people. And, in those days when temples were operating here, on Delos it was impossible to give birth to children and die. In the 6th century, BC moved the graves to a neighboring island. Maybe the gods so ordered? It was instituted three thousand years ago. The same rule remains to this day. Now only a few people from the guard live in small houses. I saw archaeologists working in the stone walls and foundations of the island. The rules of the island suggest that in this way the special settings of Delos are preserved here.

From myths it is known that the goddess Leto gave birth to Apollo in a sacred lake, hugging a single tree. Now the lake has been drained, and in its place grows a small coniferous grove with a tall palm tree that stands out and rises above the trees. Benches set and paths laid. We sat on a bench on the site of a sacred lake, enjoying the harmony and unusualness of this place. Soft and warm earth was felt under my feet.

On the contrary, lakes stood stone lions. Once upon a time, the inhabitants of the island of Naxos gave lions to Delos. Since then, they faithfully keep the secrets of the lake and protect the island. Those lions that stand now are stone replicas. For real lions we go to the museum, which is a few meters away and is the only major building on the island.

The museum has very remarkable exhibits. Not so many genuine antique things can be found in our world.

In addition to large and small lions, there are sphinx and marble statues, more expressive than living people.

In the museum, I discovered Dionysus, seeing his seated statue expressing masculine power. Marble Dionysus in perfection, in divine male sexuality is a delight. The statue does not have a head and some parts, but even in this form, power gushes out of it.

In front of the museum, to the right of the entrance, is the temple of Dionysus. From the temple there was a foundation and two columns with masculine virtues. A strong place with masculine energy. It would be nice to bring men here and teach them to understand that there is a man and male energy. I think in ancient times they did. Immediately in the museum, near the statue of Dionysus, there are busts of women, his followers. You can understand them – Dionysus is an ideal man here with a full set of masculine qualities.

The museum has several statues of the three-faced goddess Hecate. The temple of the goddess Hecate was on Delos. Its remains are located on the opposite side of the mountain and are not yet accessible for visiting.

Next we go to Mount Kinf. A wide road of steps carved into the rock leads to the top of the mountain. The royal road or the road of the gods. Our steps become solemn, and the surrounding space is changing. The road goes between red rocks, a bizarre rounded shape. In the middle of the path and the height of the cliff is the temple of Isis. From it remained columns with overlapping. Opposite there is a platform with another foundation from the temple and a female statue. This place still stores ancient settings.

The road leads us further to the very top of the mountain.

The top in the form of a platform. It can be seen that in ancient times there was a temple. Marble bars lie in rows and can only be walked along them, as steps. On the opposite side of the road and the main city, stone foundations and an unusual round stone, similar to a skull, are visible. Somewhere here is the Temple of Hekate. Hecate keeps his secrets. Hecate – the goddess of the moon and night, magic and spells.

I looked down from the top of the mountain, and a feeling of solemnity, ceremony filled me, the music sounded almost clearly, as if there was an important reception or a royal ball. I tried to get here, this, that energy and conditions that I felt at a distance. I have a feeling of involvement in the higher world, a natural shift to a high frequency occurs. I didn’t want to leave the top of the mountain. My head and neck were slightly puzzled, but overall, there was a fullness of energy.

The last boat was at 15 o’clock and had to go down. To the left of the road, if you go from the mountain, is the temple of Hermes. This is a large, well-preserved building. Perhaps the most complete temple on Delos. I have never met the temples of Hermes before. It was possible to enter it, but it was possible to enter only for a few minutes, and I did not want to lose that higher, divine thing, which I managed to touch on the top of the mountain. I stood in front of the Temple of Hermes and continued my descent. Thank you Hermes, patron of travelers and mediator between gods and people.

Many factors had to develop for me to visit the desired Delos. Sometimes it seemed to me that life tests me, but did I really decide to get to this island? It’s not just about money, although this is a rather expensive undertaking. Most of all I was worried that there would be a storm and the ship would not go from Mykonos to Delos. I was the first to run to the ticket office in the old port of Mykonos, arriving as the first bus from Ornos to the port.

Finally, I fulfilled one more of my wishes – I washed on the shore of the island of Delos. On the way back on the ship, I fell asleep so hard that I woke up when the ship was almost empty. This is the first time with me. After Delos, I had a feeling of filling and working of my higher bodies. Only 2 weeks after returning, I no longer had dreams that I walk around the island of Delos.


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