Mykonos island. Greece.

On the island of Mykonos, about 12 thousand inhabitants. The main city of the island is Mykonos. We arrived in Mykonos because only from it you can get to the island of Delos. We settled in Ornos. Ornos is a bay with a sandy beach and white houses, located a short drive from Mykonos.

Mykonos is a beautiful island with a long history. Today it is considered one of the most free places in the world. He was chosen by informals of all colors. There are nudist beaches here, by the way, they didn’t catch my eye, they probably hid well. Freedom from clothes and sexual conventions, love and the sea – all these things I wanted to see and feel, since I was on the island. Mykonos is one of the most expensive resorts in the world. Apparently, freedom is expensive.

I had a feeling that I was making excuses to the people around me for going to Mykonos. So, the owner of the apartment, a decent man, having learned that we were going from Athens to Mykonos, smiled and said: “Mykonos is crazy.” I had to explain to him what interests the island of Delos. The driver, the services we used every day, said that in Mykonos, when they see that a man is walking with a woman, they say: “Fu, he went with the woman.”

After listening to the tales of Mykonos, I suspected all the men on the island of non-traditional orientation, carefully looked closely. But, either because the summer season did not start, or I was in the wrong places and at the wrong time, I didn’t catch the attention of noteworthy objects. Quite the contrary, the morning on the island began with the work of local residents. It seemed that at 7 in the morning, they were all on their feet: knocking, painting, doing their own thing. And on the streets there are only tourists, normal-looking men and women. We wanted to go to the local museum, but a group of workers reliably protected the entrance to the museum with scaffolding. I noticed a business spirit among the locals for the upcoming summer season. With people resting here, wealth and the desire for a quiet rest and silence are read.

Another point for my observation was the question: Why is Mykonos considered one of the most expensive islands in the world? What is so here? Why do wealthy people come here to rest?

   A big plus, I set the island for delicious food in a cafe and good, quick service.

Peerless views and clean beaches are another significant positive factor.

A separate topic is walking along the streets of old Mykonos, overlooking the old port and promenade in the city. A new landscape with flowers and ladders opens around every turn.

Once, we just walked along the street and through the open door of the cafe I saw the sea. We entered the cafe, and it was an exit to the seashore with views of the mills and the bay. It looks like the entrance to a fabulous and beautiful world.

I have never heard loud music on the street or in a cafe. It was a great pleasure to sit in the evening in silence on the veranda and look at the town shining with lights.

22-24.04. 2019г.

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