Toulouse is a pink city. France

In Toulouse, we met with Elena, our guide. I met Elena on the Internet. The first place we visited in Toulouse with Elena was the Cathedral of St. Saturninus. This temple of venerable centuries-old in the shape of a cross was built at the end of the 12th century. For myself, I already distinguish theContinue reading “Toulouse is a pink city. France”

Monsegur – stronghold of Qatar. France.

The road to the castle goes between the mountains. We ride a minibus past fields with sunflowers, past fields with plants similar to corn, only cut from above. Around is clean, crowded, calm. There is no dynamics of urban life. There are greenery, forests, clean air and occasionally villages. When approaching Montsegur we ride betweenContinue reading “Monsegur – stronghold of Qatar. France.”

Arles is the keeper of Roman times.

I asked the waiter in Arles, is it possible to order a shrine (a dish of legumes and ducks)? The waiter explained slightly offended that this dish should be eaten in Carcassonne, and this is Provence, and here is a completely different cuisine. In Arles, as if you were in Roman time. Here, as ifContinue reading “Arles is the keeper of Roman times.”

Carcassonne is a fabulous walled city.

In the early morning we go to the fortress. We cross the bridge over the river and get into the old part of the city. We welcome Lady Karkas, depicted at one of the entrances to the fortress. Lady Karkas has a historical foundation. She skillfully and cunningly defended the city, and the enemies retreated.Continue reading “Carcassonne is a fabulous walled city.”

Athens. Acropolis. Temple of Zeus. Temple of Hephaestus.

On the day of our arrival in Athens, there was heavy rain, thunder and lightning flashed. Five large lightning bolts and such thunder were noticed that cars shook with people. Lightning hit the Acropolis in a guard house. Four people were taken to the hospital. Acropolis closed. The work of the archaeological site of theContinue reading “Athens. Acropolis. Temple of Zeus. Temple of Hephaestus.”

Epidaurus Temple of Asclepius.

Epidaurus is located at a distance of 50 kilometers from Mycenae. In this city the healer and doctor Asclepius was born.We enter the city. The first impression, as if we arrived at a sanatorium – fresh air, coniferous trees, paths, parks. The city is surrounded by mountains. Instead of the planned 5 hours in Epidaurus,Continue reading “Epidaurus Temple of Asclepius.”