Sofia. Bulgaria

In April, the weather in Sofia changes every hour – rain and sun, heat and cold. In the sun the city reveals blooming greenery and white flowers of fruit trees. Under the sunlight, old houses with beige stucco smile amiably, and the streets, paved with yellow bricks, warm with warm light.

In an instant, a cloud with a drizzling rain draws in the sky, and the picture changes. Mount Vitosha, in clear weather, whitewashed by snowy peaks over Sofia, is hiding in the fog. It becomes noticeable how many old ruined or semi-ruined houses are here.

From the airport by metro we go to the central part of Sofia. At the metro station Serdika, a kind of archaeological museum is equipped. The metro began to be built in the 90s and during the construction they discovered a large city of the Roman era. Serdika, the city was called before.

Upstairs above the metro are open areas with what remains of ancient Serdica. In order not to destroy the ancient foundations, modern buildings were built above them on piles.

In Bulgaria they protect their history, value and love their past. I was convinced of it having visited a basilica Sofia. Underneath is an underground necropolis. It is noticeable that they did not spare the money for restoration.

I would also like to mention food in Sofia. Maybe because I walked along the main streets, I met cafes, coffee houses, restaurants, small and large markets at every step.

At the cafe, I ordered chicken breast and salad. The chicken breast turned out to be very tasty, stuffed with basil paste and cheese. The next day, the cafe asked for soup. They brought soup in mutton bread. Delicious crispy bread, a lot of lamb.

There are many temples in Sofia. There are old ones. Temples of various religious denominations: mosques and synagogues, Christian churches, which are undoubtedly the majority.

The underground necropolis under the Basilica of Sofia is so big that I got lost there. The basilica is located next to the famous and majestic temple of Alexander Nevsky. In the morning, almost no one entered the church of Alexander Nevsky. But people entered and exited the basilica. So by accident, I got into the basilica. To the left of the entrance was a staircase to the underground museum-necropolis. Admission was free that day.

The underground city is well equipped with ventilation, lighting. It is evident that they did not spare the funds for restoration. On the tablet it was written that the people living at that time wanted to be buried in this place. The top of the temple is very good.

And I walked along the corridors of the dungeon, took pictures. When I decided to go, I went to the green icons with arrows.

And in the end, wherever I went, I always ran into dead ends, into tombs. Trying to get out several times, I was upset and stopped. I saw a man and a girl pass me by and decided to wait for them. Together with them I went to the center of the necropolis. Then again she went alone, and … again she rested on the locked door. The door was low, it was possible to climb. But a child was baptized in the temple, there were people, music was playing and singing psalms. I had to return to the dungeon again.

I flew out of the necropolis with a bullet.

Yes, the grass above is greener and brighter in color.


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