Tarragona is the capital of the Roman province of Tarracon Spain.

Nice city on the Mediterranean coast. Was there a drop of the greatness of the Roman Empire? We leave for Tarragona on the day of all saints on November 1.

In the old part of the city on the seashore is a Roman amphitheater.

One side of it is built of rock.

There were gladiatorial battles in ancient Rome.

Through the arch in the amphitheater the sea turns blue.

Past the Tower of Praetor and the circus, where the chariot races took place, we go on to explore the island of ancient Roman civilization in modern Tarragona. In the old part of the city, houses were built on stone foundations from those distant times.

On the walls of houses are large posters with photos of slides from people, popular local fun.

We walk along the narrow streets of Tarragona.

We seem to find ourselves in a time when the Roman Empire lived and flourished here.

Already during the Second Punic War, the Roman proconsul Scipio seized the Iberian city of Kesse and built defenses – this is how Tarracon appeared.

The heyday of the city fell on the period from the 3rd to 5th centuries, when it was the capital of the province of Near Spain, which makes up almost half of the Iberian Peninsula. Tarragona is associated with the names of the Roman emperors Julius Caesar, Octavian Augustus, Septimius Severus. In the Middle Ages, Tarragona became the capital of the Kingdom of Aragon.
   And today, despite November, the blue of the Mediterranean Sea is visible everywhere from Tarragona, palm trees grow, flowers smell and the sun shines brightly.

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