Poblet is a monastery where Aragonese kings and queens sleep. Spain.

I open the massive door to the temple and hear loud organ music. My legs begin to walk at a certain pace, set by the sounding organ. A knight wakes up in me. And this is not just a game of knight, but really – confidence, readiness for battle, fearlessness. The sword hanging on the right presses on the hip. Without a doubt, the sword is a worker, and the warrior is battle-hardened. A side effect of the activation of the knight was the fact that I immediately showed aggression that was not characteristic of myself in upholding my authority. It was a cold shower that allowed me to wake up from knightly deeds.

I go to the womb of the monastery, to the holy of holies – the tombs of the kings of Aragon.

I must say that Poblet is a Cistercian monastery, which had great weight in the history of Catalonia.

But in the 19th century, it was abandoned, and in the 20th century, it was restored and open to the public. It is surprising why it has such high rooms, and not only for celebrations,

But in the kitchen, in the dining room, in the library? Not at all cells, but vice versa. Perhaps this is necessary for the flight, the aspiration of thoughts and spirit up to the divine heaven. I pass through a courtyard with a gazebo and a fountain in the center

surrounded by flowers and evergreen trees.

It’s as if I’m falling into a fairy kingdom. Luxury and beauty in the monastery, probably in order for the spirit to develop in beauty and grandeur, for the construction of the temple of the soul.

The external is like the internal.
       From the very beginning, the entrance to the arch of the monastery was accompanied by external influence.

Some waves went through my body. The influence of some forces is noticeable. What was it? It looks like an ancient defensive spell and the influence of the monastery, as a place of power.
     In the hall near the tombs of Aragonese kings and queens, there are many unusual things.

Firstly, their sarcophagi are at a height above the visitors’ heads.

Secondly, the pulpit for preaching consists of two stone blocks polished in front with a picture of a triangle with an eye, a famous Masonic symbol, and underneath it is a hollowed-out picture resembling a large face.

Kings and queens are sleeping in this room, and such is the reality of this room that they will wake up when their time comes.

     Aragon kings are for me examples of real kings – noble, brave, active. Almost all of them were outstanding warriors and people who appreciated poetry and art. It was they who created the era of the troubadours.

The kingdom of Aragon existed from the beginning of the 11th century to the 15th century and was a bright lamp in the whole medieval world.

It is convenient to go to Poblet from Barcelona or Tarragona

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