Bilogorodka Kyiv region. Historical well

I walk down the street and feel the pain and steadfastness of the residents of the village of Bilogorodka. The village is 22 km from Kyiv. It was loud here in March 2022, but they didn’t get here. The natural border was the river Irpin, the defenders and the power of the ancestors and theContinue reading “Bilogorodka Kyiv region. Historical well”

Legends and realities of Kodatsky island

Many legends have been written about a small island opposite the city of Dnipro. Approximately, from these places the Dnieper rapids began, which reached the island of Khortytsya. Before the flooding of the rapids, rocky parts protruded between the island of Kodachok and the river bank and the water here rang, the air was saturatedContinue reading “Legends and realities of Kodatsky island”