Carcassonne is a fabulous walled city.

In the early morning we go to the fortress. We cross the bridge over the river and get into the old part of the city. We welcome Lady Karkas, depicted at one of the entrances to the fortress. Lady Karkas has a historical foundation. She skillfully and cunningly defended the city, and the enemies retreated.

The fortress has an external and internal part. The old, fortified city stands on a rocky hill and is surrounded by two walls of the V and XIII centuries. Here, as if you are in the 12th century. Absolutely unusual sensations of a shift to the past.

We approach the Church of Saints Nazarius and Celsius, built in the XI century in the Romanesque style on the site of the Carolingian Cathedral. For the first time in France, inside the cathedral, I felt good. A state of light and paradise, something higher, unearthly happiness.

Walking around the fortified city, we went to the Inquisition Museum. I, before the museum, and I, after it, are different people. Earlier, I visited various similar museums in other countries and cities, but it was so pervasive here, right down to the very nature. In this museum made models of people in clothes, with hairstyles, with blood. I have seen enough of such instruments of torture that it is even impossible to imagine a normal person. I think that people who are prone to bullying, maniacs, were doing this. A normal person cannot scoff at another person just because he thinks differently, believes in something else.

Here I saw how the intestines from a person are wound on a hanging log. Prior to that, I sometimes said “don’t wrap my guts.” After what I saw, I look at these words differently.
There are a lot of horrors from forceps to pulling out the uterus and putting women on a special pyramid, and the same savagery for the male half of humanity, various squeezing and crucifying, metal spikes in the neck and in the whole body. After all this, I began to understand why the guillotine is the invention of the executioner to facilitate death. After what has been seen, death at the stake, when suffocation from gases quickly comes, seems quick and easy. Many thoughts arose after this museum – how could people who believe in Christ, prove the kindness and sacrifice of their faith, not see the pain and suffering of other people. A maniac can be one, well, two, why then there was a mass phenomenon of the Inquisition, destroying all more or less thinking people and beautiful women. Especially, went to beautiful, smart and red-haired women. They exterminated everyone.

Thank you, the city of Carcassonne, showed life in those days, not only from the beautiful side of the troubadours. knights, beautiful ladies and beautiful castles, but also from the bloody side. We must never forget that the history of mankind is the history of wars, the ruthless extermination of people. It is interesting to understand why and why it happened and is happening on the scale of civilization?


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