Stone Lions and Sphinxes in Madrid.

In Madrid, I see stone lions everywhere. In Cibeles Square, surrounded by a protective water wall of the fountain, the goddess Cybele rides in a chariot drawn by mighty stone lions.

This is to her stone feet applied Madrid football players, observing the ritual for victory. I have long wanted to see this work of sculptors. Cybele rides on the lions, surrounded by streams of flowing water of the fountain. You can’t approach her. Goddess, protected by water and moved to the past.

    Madrid stunned me with historical grandeur,

imperial splendor of buildings,

the breadth of the streets, its energy. The city approached me in temperament, speed of life. Here I felt safe. I liked the faces and friendliness of the townspeople. I was in Madrid for only 3 days, including one full day.
Past the Cibeles Square I walk further along a wide street to the National Archaeological Museum. Busty stone sphinxes flaunt in front of the museum.

Sphinxes of the female gender. I knew in advance that I want to see a lady from Basa and a lady from Elche in the museum. A lady from Basa was found in the city of Basa.

It belongs to the Iberian culture of the 4th century. BC.
A lady from Elche also belongs to the Iberian period of history and was found near the city of Elche.

It is impossible to take your eyes off the lady from Elche, such a beautiful and attractive stone beauty.

There were several interesting ladies in the museum. Ladies and the museum pleased. Ladies have their ancient beauty, and the museum has an abundance of historical exhibits.

For an hour and a half I managed to see only the 2nd floor. In the museum everywhere there are large and small, sitting and standing stone lions.

From the museum I’m heading to the gate of Alcalá.

The gate is one of the five ancient gates to Madrid. Outside the gate begins Retiro Park with a beautiful pond,

people boating and a big colonnade,

generously decorated with figures of gods and goddesses,

heroes and angels and, of course, lions.

Having enjoyed the splendor of the Spanish park, I go into the house of Velazquez.

Entrance to the museum is guarded by stone mythical creatures.

It turned out to be not a museum, but an exhibition hall with unusual compositions.

I return to the Puerta del Sol – the area of the Sun. My hotel is just minutes from Madrid’s sunniest square. Further, my path lies in the square of Spain. The square is framed by world-famous – the Tower of Madrid, the House of Gaillardo and the House of Spain. Spain Square itself was under repair. Walking around the square, I go to the Royal Palace and the Sabatini Gardens.

I find myself in a park with green labyrinths,

fountains and marble statues.

I didn’t have time for the palace, it was already closed.

But a lot of people came into the open doors of the temple,

located opposite the Royal Palace. There was a concert of a symphony orchestra. Mozart’s music and classical arias sounded in a high temple with excellent acoustics.

In the evening, fountains and palaces in Madrid, glowing with colorful lights, reinforced the impression of a holiday and celebration in the city.

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