Montserrat is the heart of Catalonia.

Angels sawed the local mountains with a gold saw.

Unusual mountains turned out in the form of

Figures made of stone.

From a local legend

      I see vivid images of the processes of angelic creativity, which resulted in a fabulous small mountain range 50 kilometers from Barcelona. There was a seabed here in the distant past, and then, as a result of geological processes on the earth and with the help of angels, mountains grow, as the legend says.

Each mountain is like a human or an animal.

From far away you can see a mountain like a dragon

Well, here is a mountain spilled alien.

The highest mountain – peak Sanzheroni 1250m.
       Millions of pilgrims come to Montserrat endlessly. We arrived in Montserrat from Barcelona.

The main goal is the Black Madonna. With its help, people recover, fulfill their desires. The Black Madonna has been here since 880, when she was discovered in one of the caves. During the Napoleonic war, the monks hid her, so good that they still have not been found. That shrine that we see now is a copy, according to legend, created by St. Luke.

In the early morning, we enter the Madonna. There are practically no visitors, and you can be alone and in silence with the Black Virgin. A small black figure about 90 cm high with a baby in her arms and a ball in her right hand.

The ball, apparently, symbolizes the planet. You can touch, kiss the ball, it is open. Communication with the Madonna goes through the ball. The shrine is mounted on a silver throne, around the columns are made of solid stone, similar to onyx. Near the Holy Madonna, there is a special field, which, according to my personal feelings, first cleans, removes all unnecessary, and then adjusts and pulls up.

Faith and Madonna create miracles. In the Basilica of the Holy Virgin there is an impressive room with crutches and other things left that give an idea of the healing power of Montserrat.

The natural feature of this place promotes healing and attunement to higher powers. As soon as I got out of the car and went along the road to Montserrat, air bubbles appeared in my heart. I was seized with joy, lightness, admiration for the beauty of the mountains, early morning, clear air.

It’s as if I fell into the world of divine love.

On the site before entering the temple, these feelings intensified.

On one side of a large area is an arched wall through the windows, which are visible mountains and sky.

On the other hand are the rugged mountains of Montserrat. This place is like paradise, a place for angels, a higher world, I thought.
Later in the temple everything was different – the kingdom of the Black Virgin of Montserrat. The chorus of boys with amazing ringing high and harmonious voices again reminded of the angels and the upper world.

In Montserrat, you can climb to the height that you reach. From above, all problems look and are solved differently. After visiting the temple, we go to the peaks in the literal sense. First on a lift, and then on foot walked through the mountains,

guessing what or whom they look like in the unique figures of angelic creation.

Tarragona is the capital of the Roman province of Tarracon Spain.

Nice city on the Mediterranean coast. Was there a drop of the greatness of the Roman Empire? We leave for Tarragona on the day of all saints on November 1.

In the old part of the city on the seashore is a Roman amphitheater.

One side of it is built of rock.

There were gladiatorial battles in ancient Rome.

Through the arch in the amphitheater the sea turns blue.

Past the Tower of Praetor and the circus, where the chariot races took place, we go on to explore the island of ancient Roman civilization in modern Tarragona. In the old part of the city, houses were built on stone foundations from those distant times.

On the walls of houses are large posters with photos of slides from people, popular local fun.

We walk along the narrow streets of Tarragona.

We seem to find ourselves in a time when the Roman Empire lived and flourished here.

Already during the Second Punic War, the Roman proconsul Scipio seized the Iberian city of Kesse and built defenses – this is how Tarracon appeared.

The heyday of the city fell on the period from the 3rd to 5th centuries, when it was the capital of the province of Near Spain, which makes up almost half of the Iberian Peninsula. Tarragona is associated with the names of the Roman emperors Julius Caesar, Octavian Augustus, Septimius Severus. In the Middle Ages, Tarragona became the capital of the Kingdom of Aragon.
   And today, despite November, the blue of the Mediterranean Sea is visible everywhere from Tarragona, palm trees grow, flowers smell and the sun shines brightly.

Poblet is a monastery where Aragonese kings and queens sleep. Spain.

I open the massive door to the temple and hear loud organ music. My legs begin to walk at a certain pace, set by the sounding organ. A knight wakes up in me. And this is not just a game of knight, but really – confidence, readiness for battle, fearlessness. The sword hanging on the right presses on the hip. Without a doubt, the sword is a worker, and the warrior is battle-hardened. A side effect of the activation of the knight was the fact that I immediately showed aggression that was not characteristic of myself in upholding my authority. It was a cold shower that allowed me to wake up from knightly deeds.

I go to the womb of the monastery, to the holy of holies – the tombs of the kings of Aragon.

I must say that Poblet is a Cistercian monastery, which had great weight in the history of Catalonia.

But in the 19th century, it was abandoned, and in the 20th century, it was restored and open to the public. It is surprising why it has such high rooms, and not only for celebrations,

But in the kitchen, in the dining room, in the library? Not at all cells, but vice versa. Perhaps this is necessary for the flight, the aspiration of thoughts and spirit up to the divine heaven. I pass through a courtyard with a gazebo and a fountain in the center

surrounded by flowers and evergreen trees.

It’s as if I’m falling into a fairy kingdom. Luxury and beauty in the monastery, probably in order for the spirit to develop in beauty and grandeur, for the construction of the temple of the soul.

The external is like the internal.
       From the very beginning, the entrance to the arch of the monastery was accompanied by external influence.

Some waves went through my body. The influence of some forces is noticeable. What was it? It looks like an ancient defensive spell and the influence of the monastery, as a place of power.
     In the hall near the tombs of Aragonese kings and queens, there are many unusual things.

Firstly, their sarcophagi are at a height above the visitors’ heads.

Secondly, the pulpit for preaching consists of two stone blocks polished in front with a picture of a triangle with an eye, a famous Masonic symbol, and underneath it is a hollowed-out picture resembling a large face.

Kings and queens are sleeping in this room, and such is the reality of this room that they will wake up when their time comes.

     Aragon kings are for me examples of real kings – noble, brave, active. Almost all of them were outstanding warriors and people who appreciated poetry and art. It was they who created the era of the troubadours.

The kingdom of Aragon existed from the beginning of the 11th century to the 15th century and was a bright lamp in the whole medieval world.

It is convenient to go to Poblet from Barcelona or Tarragona